In the first part of this feature, we hear from Kailey Donewald, founder and CEO of Sacred Serve. Sacred Serve makes organic gelato that comes from coconut milk, medicinal products, and superfoods.

Kailey was feeling rundown from her day job and decided to take some time and visit an ashram in India and travel to Bali. While in Bali, she learned about mental health and was introduced to a food cleanse.

With a better diet, Kailey felt mentally and spiritually stronger. She realized that she wants to help people get healthier but on a larger scale, and that’s how Sacred Serve was started.

She never viewed herself as an entrepreneur, but she learned as she went. She outlines the early struggles and difficulties in starting her business.

In Part 1, we hear about starting a business, Kailey’s background, and how Sacred Serve all started.

Join Ramon Vela and Kailey as they breakdown the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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