The Rosy Wellness app is a “safe space” that can create a personalized journey for each woman on her sexual health path, says Dr. Lyndsey Harper, the brand’s Founder and CEO.

“We have a library of personalized and curated content waiting for you,” Lyndsey says. “If you are suffering from infertility, if you’re pregnant, if you’re a postpartum menopausal in the middle of life like I am, you’re taking care of your kids, your professional life, and your long-term relationships. We create a personalized sexual health journey for each of our users, and sexual health, the way we define it, is not a problem to be solved. We bring all those resources together in one safe space, one convenient platform so that women can access whatever resource they need during their specific life, moment or journey.”

The most frequent users of Rosy are women in the late 30s or early 40s when sex has fallen to the wayside, Lyndsey says.

“They might come to their physician describing low sexual desire, which is the No. 1 complaint of women when it comes to sexual health – 38 percent of women say that they have low sexual desire,” she says. “We have resources from sex therapists that have created a bunch of resources for us to help women reprioritize sex and desire.”

Putting these resources on a smartphone app is a significant component of Rosy’s mission – to meet women where they are. The app is free to download. Users are welcomed and then are invited to take a 27-question quiz to help build their journey inside the platform. Access to experts, doctors, and therapists is available, as well as a library of erotica – an evidence-based tool for sexual dysfunction, Lyndsey says. Individual coaching also is available.

Lyndsey offers some words of wisdom to would-be entrepreneurs considering a new venture: Have the big picture in mind. Write it down. Repeat it. Also, don’t let the big work ahead intimidate you on a daily basis.

“Just move on past it and keep going,” she says.

In Part 2, Lyndsey talks about:

* The ideal consumer for the Rosy app.
* The resources available via the app.
* The No. 1 issue users say they face.
* How the app works.
* What the user experience is like.
* Advice to fellow entrepreneurs.

Join Ramon Vela and Dr. Lyndsey Harper as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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