In today’s episode, we sit back down with Matt Weiss, CEO and Founder of RIND Snacks.

In the previous episode, Matt told us the story of how inspired he was by his great grandmother, Helen Seitner, and her resourcefulness.

Using the rinds of the fruit is not only nutritional and delicious but helps lessen food waste. With RIND, Matt can create a snack that positively benefits the environment, and with their mission, he can give this positivity to other people.

Their mission, “Love is Rind,” allows RIND to be part of the solution to absolve child hunger. With 5,000+ bags already donated, Matt shows us what it truly means to pay it forward.

From his great grandmother’s warming spirit to building the brand, tune in today to hear more about RIND’s kindness.

In part 1, Matt discusses COVID impacts on RIND Snacks; Launching a D to C brand during a pandemic; Getting into the ingredients; Growing your brand despite “haters”; RIND’s mission statement; Delving into the inspiration behind their flavors; Matt’s advice to future entrepreneurs; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Matt as they discuss RIND Snacks on The Story of a Brand.

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