On this podcast, we’ve covered a lot of great snacks. Whether it’s mindless snacking during quarantine or pairing a snack with your favorite movie, we can’t get enough of it. So instead of taking it out altogether, our buddies at RIND Snacks have an alternative solution.

RIND snacks utilize the nutritional value found in the peel or rind of the fruit while providing quality taste. As our guest mentions in the episode, “the secret ingredient” isn’t “something we add, but rather something we don’t subtract.”

The rind is “the heart of a fruit’s nutritional core.” With RIND, there’s no longer that after-snacking guilt of eating a whole bag of chips, but rather a boost of health. So please tune in for today’s episode as we sit down with Matt Weiss, CEO, and Founder of RIND Snacks, as he breaks down his journey into creating RIND Snacks.

In part 1, Matt discusses His support system; The Hundred-Foot Overview of RIND Snacks; Introducing the power of the peel; Continuing Great-Grandma Seitner’s legacy through RIND Snacks; Matt’s journey to creating RIND; Learning by doing; Why Matt chose rinds; Receiving feedback at the start of the business; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Matt as they discuss RIND Snacks on The Story of a Brand.

For more on RIND Snacks, visit: https://www.rindsnacks.com/

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