“Just lean in and do it,” says Keith Belling, Founder and CEO of RightRice, a brand that provides healthier and great-tasting rice.

Keith was brought up in an entrepreneurial family. He was especially inspired by his hard-working father, whom he lost at the young age of 16. He originally planned to make a career in real estate law but decided to quit the law firm for business since he loved the entrepreneurial spirit of a coffee shop client he handled.

In the late ‘90s, Keith started an Internet company in San Francisco. After that, he launched Popchips, which is a brand for healthy snacks. Then he finally launched RightRice in February 2019. RightRice brings shelf-stable grain of rice packed with the power of veggies.

He talks about:

* Gratefulness
* How his father’s death affected his entrepreneurial efforts
* Overview of the brand
* His background
* The Better for you theme
* Difficulties and success with Popchips
* Launch of RightRice

Join Ramon Vela and Keith Belling as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on RightRice, visit: https://rightrice.com/

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