“A massive category growth opportunity” that’s what ReserveBar’s technology and platform is creating. In part 2, Derek Correia, President of ReserveBar, and Lindsay Held, CEO and Co-Founder of ReserveBar, mentions the brand serves the consumers in a very logical and frictionless fashion.

According to Derek, having better control over a branded experience from beginning to end is powerful for the industry and retail partners. Retailers benefit from ReserveBar because things are easier. Plus, they help bring revenue into retailers.

The ReserveBar platform provides sales to retailers and brands and offers valuable data while connecting consumers to the brand. ReserveBar is also a route to market for emerging brands such as craft brands and brands coming from marginalized communities. To be an agent of change is exciting to them. Content and education are great strategies that will continue.

They discussed:

* How ReserveBar works
* Highlights from the brand
* Game changer for consumers
* Route to market for ReserveBar
* Proliferation of ideas
* Message for customers

Join Ramon Vela, Derek Correia, and Lindsay Held as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Reservebar, visit: https://www.reservebar.com/ 

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