Realea‘s line of skincare products began with the Aurora balm, a “super healer” that works on eczema, psoriasis, wound healing, scar tissue reduction, and other unexpected skin issues, says Nick Grossenbacher, co-founder and head of product at the brand.

It was a problem pregnancy and difficult delivery that Nick’s wife endured that inspired the balm’s creation.

“My wife had an emergency cesarean section, and I immediately went home and created a balm for her to use on her incision site,” Nick explains. “And she was using it every day, and her wound healed very fast, faster than the doctors expected it to. And she also has virtually no C-section scar. And that to me was a major moment and kind of coming to the sense that I need to do this work.”

Growing the brand from that one balm, Realea wanted to create a link of skincare products that provided everything needed for skincare and the tissues deeper than the skin.

To that end, Tenebris turned out to be the product for beneath the skin. Meridiem is the brand’s whole body moisturizer. Imber is a face mist. Astrum is a liquid face oil.

In Part 2, Nick talks about:

* How his wife’s pregnancy complications led to the formation of the Aurora balm.
* An explanation of the uses of Aurora.
* A rundown of the brand’s other products.

Join Ramon Vela and Nick Grossenbacher as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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