It took more than two years to develop PYT‘s first clean beauty product, says Co-Founder and CEO Mary Schulman. Potential manufacturing partners told them the products they wanted couldn’t be made at the prices they wanted.

Mary says that perseverance and a commitment to PYT Beauty’s mission got the company the products and investors that were a good fit.

Finding the right distributors was the key to success as well, Mary says. Ulta, Macy’s, Credo, and Target all aligned with PYT Beauty’s values, which made them great partners.

PYT’s mission to remain moderately priced offers a student discount program aligned with Student Beans to make its products more affordable.

In Part 2, Mary talks about:

* The struggle of pursuing clean packaging.
* How pushing back on potential partners is critical to staying true to a mission.
* Lessons learned in her snack food company proved compatible with her new venture.
* Work with influencers who love your brand. It’s more authentic.
* Beauty is a saturated industry, so you need to stay true to your particular mission.
* Her company’s “hero” products.
* Why it’s essential to be “present in the moment.”

Join Ramon Vela and Mary Schulman as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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