PYT Beauty‘s mission is to provide “clean” beauty products at a fair price, says Mary Schulman, Co-Founder and CEO. This would allow everybody to access products free of toxic ingredients without busting the budget.

That mission now includes product packaging made with post-consumer recycled plastic and bio-based sugar cane.

However, changing your life and career from a stable and high-paying job to something you love is a challenge, Mary says. She urges entrepreneurs to research and not just assume the grass is always greener in a new industry.

In Part 1, Mary talks about:

* How she transitioned from a finance career into starting a natural snack food company.
* Her daughter’s first look at the makeup in her purse sparked the idea of PYT Beauty.
* What reason drives the consumer to switch to “clean” products.
* The challenge to leave a stable career to do what you love.
* How to learn from uncomfortable situations.
* The grass isn’t always greener.

Join Ramon Vela and Mary Schulman as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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