“Healthy people, healthy planet,” that’s the mission of Purelife Organics. In the second part, Todd Lamb, Co-Founder of Purelife Organics emphasizes that undisrupted sleep is a huge natural benefit for your health.

For the products, Todd mentions that not all of them are gender-neutral. Todd also wants to make an impact in his lifetime, so he supports reforestation. Purelife Organics sponsors companies and uses drones for a faster reforestation process.

He says that his biggest success was taking the risk to create the brand, while his biggest mistake was not starting it earlier. Purelife Organics launched its first product, Belly Fat Tea in 2016, which eventually officially launched the entire brand in 2018.

Here he talks about:

* Their product line and challenges it addresses
* When they officially launched
* Supporting reforestation
* Biggest success
* Biggest mistake
* Where to find Purelife Organics

Join Ramon Vela and Todd Lamb as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Purelife Organics, visit: https://purelifeorganics.com/

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