“Changing how we use water.” In the first half of this Feature, we have John PorteousMatthew Wall, and Lauren Wall, Founders of Principle Faucets, a kitchen & Bathroom fixture brand focused on providing people with instant, responsive control over the water you use.

Before starting Principle Faucets, Matthew worked in the floral industry. Lauren got into health & wellness and cooking. That’s when they used to brainstorm ideas for how to make cooking more hygienic. However, in 2015, a more pressing concern came about, the California water drought. It pushed them to think of ways to save water and eliminate wastage.

Along with their long-time friend John, they came up with the idea of combing a foot pedal, similar to a doctor’s office and the kitchen faucet. They reasoned that it would make cooking more hygienic (with fewer germs) and help with water wastage and conversation issues. Principle Faucets was launched.

In part 1, we discussed:

* What they are grateful for
* Overview of the brand
* Their life before the brand
* Why a foot pedal for the home

Join Ramon Vela, John Porteous, Matthew & Lauren Wall as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Principle Faucets, visit: https://www.principlefaucets.com/

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