Sarah and Roger say, “but honestly, having a mission and purpose driven brand means so, so much to us. Especially in this day and age when there’s so many products out there. We’re absolutely trying to create something much more than a physical product.”

Today, we interview Sarah and Roger Cameron, Co-Founders of POM POM Skateboards. POM POM Skateboards is a brand that transcends boundaries by providing a platform for children, in particular girls, to fall in love with the wonderful sport of skateboarding.

We discuss:

* Their gratefulness for each other
* How they make their marriage work: laughter and communication
* Overview and origins of the two brands: POM POM Skateboards and Magical Go-Go
* Starting in 2008 during a recession
* Advice about doing business during a recession
* How it started because Sarah didn’t see girls/women represented in skateboarding and snowboarding
* The mission of the brand
* Why POM POM resonates with kids and parents
* Where to buy?

Join Ramon Vela and Sarah & Roger Cameron as we break down the inside story of POM POM Skateboards on The Story of a Brand.

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