In the next part of this feature, Laurie Wiluan, founder and CEO of Personal Space MB,  talks about the change in buying trends that she’s seen since the start of the pandemic. She discusses her brand’s mission and her personal philosophy about the value of hand-crafted, high-quality goods. She realizes that this sort of appreciation has been hidden from mainstream culture. She goes into detail as to why it’s so important for her to hold on to this reverence for quality and craftsmanship. All this and much more.

In part two, Laurie discusses: What buying trends have changed since the lockdown, Why her goal is to provide affordable designer items- the importance of personalizing the home space with well-made, high-quality items, What are the many different ways consumers and design clients can view and buy products- why she loves offering her clients choices, How she finds new designers through a variety of online and in-person opportunities, How she helps designers free their creative process- why it is such an intense and grueling process, Why high-quality designer products are worth the extra price, How her passion for well-crafted, hand-made designs helps set her brand apart.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Laurie in Part 2 of this episode and listen to her share the inside story of their brand.

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