Part of Vasa Martinez‘s strategy when forming Perfy was recognizing what he was good at and what he needed help with, he says. His company makes low-sugar soda that’s focused on brain health.

“The first thing I did once I was in the right place as I found the right R&D group,” Vasa says. “Once R&D came along, they advised which groups of ops I should chat with. I chose the one that I wanted to work with the most. I learned a lot along the way.”

As for other entrepreneurs considering starting a new brand, Vasa offers this advice: “If it’s not something that you can live, breathe and sleep every single day for an unknown amount of time – essentially the rest of your life – don’t do it.”

Likewise, those just doing it for the money should also reconsider that plan. And conversely, Vasa says to be prepared to lose it all.

“I’ve got a decade of experience – I know my weaknesses, I know my strengths,” he says. “I’m going to hire for my weaknesses, and I will hire for my strengths when the time is right. It’s just not the first hire that I’m going to make because at some point, there will be smarter people than me, and my job is to hire smarter people and let them do the jobs.”

The brand’s tagline is “for a happy you or a happy brain.”

“That’s a fun way of saying that, hey, this is a soda that’s low sugar and good for the brain,” he says. There are many gut health drinks, and I saw an opportunity based on one.”

Perfy’s plans include a new flavor, “Dr. Perfy” – a take on Dr. Pepper.

In Part 2, Vasa talks about:

* How he focused on marketing and found help with R&D and ops.
* Hiring people smarter than he is.
* Advice for other entrepreneurs.
* Why it’s important not to start a brand for the money.
* A tour of the Perfy website.
* A closer look at the products.
* An explanation of metabolic health.
* Where to find the soda.

Join Ramon Vela and Vasa Martinez as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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