In the first part of this episode, we interview Brooke Travis, CMO of Parsley Health. Parsley Health is a healthcare brand that provides personalized doctor-led care and support for chronic conditions, online or in-person.

Parsley Health, as Brooke describes, is the “investigative journalist” of medicine. They use your data, such as genetics, and ask why, why, why. Brooke goes on to share, that “Without the data, without being steeped in the actual information about what’s going on with you, you’re just making generalizations about people.”

Join Ramon Vela and Brooke as they breakdown the inside story of Parsley Health.

In part 1, we discuss The ripple effect of the pandemic; Informal poll – reflecting on 2020, what matters most to you; How she sees her job as a marketer; The innovation that’s coming to healthcare; Why Parsley exists; What role data plays at Parsley; Why she joined and what attracted her to Parsley Health; and much more.

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