“If you’re true to yourself in your form, that’s going to shine through in your product,” says Josh. In part 2, Josh Miller, Co-Founder and President of Owen’s Craft Mixers, talks about authenticity, which is impossible to fake as the customer is too intelligent.

That’s why he decided not to sell his product until he felt that the product quality was promising. According to him, Owen’s Craft Mixers keeps its customers in mind while creating products. And while it may be challenging to choose the right Owen’s Cocktail or Mocktail, he suggests going with your gut, and you won’t be wrong.

He discusses:

* Lessons learned at Tesla
* Reality of authenticity
* Being customer-centric
* His systematic approach
* Their website and flavors
* GoPuff’s service

Join Ramon Vela and Josh Miller as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Owen’s Craft Mixers, visit: https://owensmixers.com/ 

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