It seems like Melissa Palmer, CEO & Co-Founder of OSEA Malibu, was born to be in the Wellness and Skincare market. It all started in the early part of the last century with her Great grandmother. She was a fierce German immigrant, who among other things was the first woman chiropractor in the United States, and who strongly believed that the ocean was the source of life. This family legend and lore took hold of Melissa’s mother who went on to start experimenting with skincare ingredients. Her central hypothesis or question was this: “If she created a company that used ingredients that were safe and effective and natural. Would people notice the difference?” This led to using seaweed as a natural ingredient and the launch of the forward-thinking, innovative clean beauty brand, OSEA Malibu.

In Part 1 of this two-part episode listen to Ramon Vela interview Melissa as she shares with us the story of building a brand. Including everything from the growth of the Wellness Health industry, how Osea got started (the full story), why customers are now searching for natural ingredients, why D2C helps you control your message, how starting in Spa’s help them learn the art of educating consumers, why Seaweed is one of the fastest growing segments in the market, why “Clean Beauty” is now the latest thing and why “performance-based naturals will be the next big thing in Clean Beauty.

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