Origin offers physical therapy for the pelvic floor and whole body, focusing on women in every stage of life, says Origin CEO and Co-founder Carine Carmy.

“We focus on treating women and individuals with vaginal anatomy, and that’s a deep expertise we’ve built, given the systemic gender bias in medicine and some of the very common but pretty overlooked issues that impact women throughout our lives, things like painful sex, incontinence, birth recovery, and issues around menopause,” she says.

Carine says she’s “one of the crazy people” who love starting businesses repeatedly – Origin is her fifth startup, but the first with her in the CEO role.

“I call it ‘Type 2 Fun,’ where we like to do tough things like climbing mountains and starting companies, and you get that peak at the end,” she says. “But there’s a lot of pain and fun along the way.”

Carine started in the health care consulting business but transitioned to marketing. After getting married and traveling back and forth constantly between jobs and her husband, she began to develop some chronic health issues. Other female friends shared similar problems – none of which seemed helped by traditional medical interventions. It turned out that physical therapy finally helped and thus was born the idea of Origin.

Carine has words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs considering opening new businesses.

“Honestly, just put one foot in front of the other,” she says. “If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably can solve different types of problems. You’re resourceful. You know when to ask for help, when to figure things out on your own, and that you’ll get through it and that it just gets easier, and you gain that muscle over time.”

Origin’s vision remains to “elevate the standard of care for women and people with vaginal anatomy around the country,” Carine says. “We want to make sure pelvic floor therapy is accessible to patients through every stage of life and to all populations, to women, to men, to pediatric patients, because these issues are chronic, they’re pervasive.”

In this episode, Carine talks about:

* Gratitude to a previous career coach who taught her it’s okay not to ask for permission anymore.
* An overview of Origin.
* How her career began in health care at a large management consulting firm.
* Never losing her love of marketing because it ties to the brand to the people people who show up every day.
* Her memories of when she began to break down from the stress of her health issues.
* Why there’s a medical gap in treating women’s health issues.
* The mechanics of the pelvic floor.
* How therapy can help with common female issues.
* Advice for fellow entrepreneurs.
* Navigating the health care business during a pandemic.
* The difference between physical and virtual office visits.
* The company’s expansion plans.

Join Ramon Vela and Carine Carmy as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Origin, visit: https://www.theoriginway.com/

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