“Who doesn’t want more radiance in their life,” says Matt Peterson, CEO of OPTE, a skincare brand that is the first all-in-one precision skincare device for hyperpigmentation treatment that instantly corrects, then visibly fades, and prevents dark spots with every use.

Matt tells us more about the concept of radiance and your skin. Mike says, “radiance is determined by how many colors your skin has and how light reflects off it. So as you get older, your skin and your collagen lessen. You’re reflecting less light off of it. So that’s why when you see a twenty-two-year-old, you’re like, oh my God, you look so vibrant. We should be doing everything we can to maintain our radiance.”

He then shares how stressful the product launch was during the pandemic. The pandemic suppressed frequency, but it increased demand because of at-home solutions. However, it creates some challenges on the other end.

We talked about:

* What beauty is really about
* Marketing outreach to men for beauty products
* What motivated him
* His previous jobs
* A brand that is built on fact and science
* Experience in pandemic
* Strategies they use and advice for others

Join Ramon Vela and Matt Peterson as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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