Raed says “people arrive at open and they have an experience that gives them a taste and an understanding of where this can go… Maybe five minutes every morning and you get to choose. Maybe you engage with meditation every morning or breath work every morning, or movement. And as you build the momentum, Open builds the momentum within you… And you’re not alone in this journey, you’re doing this with your friends and with a broader community of Open practitioners and hopefully over time, that journey looks like one that is unique and individual to you.”

Today, we interview Raed Khawaja Co-founder & CEO of Open. Open is a social space for meditation, movement, and practice — on and offline. They blend old and new to bring you to the here and now. Their hybrid method strengthens the mind-body connection.

We discuss:

* Why he’s grateful
* Overview and origin of Open
* Why promote mindfulness?
* His personal journey and what’s going on in the world
* Writing a plan for the next 10 years of your life
* Why we should have learned this as children?
* Why do people try to avoid loss?
* How people can train for resilience
* What does the journey with Open look like?
* Their studio in Venice, California
* Last word: “call that presence that mad you feel great”

Join Ramon Vela and Raed Khawaja as we break down the inside story of Open on The Story of a Brand.

For 30 days free of Open visit: www.withopen.com/STORYOFABRAND

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