In the second part of this Feature, we catch up with Co-Founder David Lester and creative director Tristin Kincaid, as they discuss Olipop as “a healthy alternative to soda” with the main goal of bringing “the benefits of digestive health to a broad audience,” and how they’ve chosen soda as the vehicle to do that.

Since our last Feature with Olipop, the brand has expanded its product to additional markets allowing them to reach new audiences. Olipop could be found in Whole Foods, Kroger, and soon, Target.

Like traditional soda, Olipop is accessible and recreates that nostalgic feeling we all love from the sodas of the past.

Join Ramon Vela, David Lester, and Tristin Kincaid, and learn the inside story of a brand.

In part 2, we discuss: Ways to widen your audience; How to approach your potential customers, Launching in new venues; Hearing feedback about the brand; The future of Olipop marketing, and so much more.

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