“Truly a GameChanger,” says Natasha about their newest product. In part 2, Natasha Duwin and Tobias Franoszek, Co-Founders and CEO of OCTO, tell us that safety, effectiveness, and reusability are the main focus areas for OCTO.

According to Natasha, a fundamentally good mask will be necessary for everybody into the foreseeable future. With current masks, people face difficulty breathing, communicating, and many more problems. Therefore, having a mask that addresses these problems and can be worn daily will be essential.

They mention their latest product innovation called Halo is extremely comfortable, weightless, and necessary in the coming times.

They talked about:

* What’s unique about OCTO
* Issues their products solve
* Thoughts on the need for better masks
* Masks for athletic activities
* Where to find OCTO
* Product innovation

Join Ramon Vela, Natasha Duwin, and Tobias Franoszek as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on OCTO, visit: https://octosafety.com/ 

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