“So I can stay healthy, and so others can stay healthy” that’s why Tina prefers healthy ingredients in her products. In the second part, Tina Parks, Founder and Creator of Nutty Scoopz speaks about her products that contain natural sweeteners, no preservatives, low calorie, and clean ingredients.

She launched the company back on November 1st of 2020 as a subscription box because of the pandemic. As of now, people don’t need to buy these subscriptions; they can buy directly with Nutty Scoopz.

Nutty Scoopz comes in 3 different flavors which are not just tasty but functional too. Tina wanted to develop more variety for her brand. That’s why she is on the verge of introducing a sugar-free sea salt caramel, collaborating, and planning to launch a new nut butter flavor too.

In part 1, she discusses:

* Shelf life
* Functional snack food
* Product line
* Why call it peanut butter dip
* New flavors
* Subscription box

Join Ramon Vela, and Tina Parks as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Nutty Scoopz, visit: http://www.nuttyscoopz.com

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