“To regain the independence that I had” was Tina’s motive behind Nutty Scoopz. Today we have Tina Parks, Founder and Creator of Nutty Scoopz, a brand that makes sugar-free peanut butter dips.

Tina was in nursing for 20 years. In 2017, due to her neck surgery, she was unable to continue her work. However, she always wanted to be independent, which eventually led her to create Nutty Scoopz. The healthcare setting is focused on taking care of others, and she applies that concept to the Nutty Scoops and customers. Plus, you have to be adaptable in healthcare, and like healthcare, a business startup can be overwhelming.

She advises new entrepreneurs to get a business mentor and surround themselves with a good team. Equipment and involving a co-packer are essential for her from a scalability standpoint.

In part 1, she discusses:

* Gratefulness
* Overview of the brand
* Her background
* How she started Nutty Scoopz
* Comparing healthcare
* Her advice

Join Ramon Vela and Tina Parks as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Nutty Scoopz, visit: http://www.nuttyscoopz.com

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