“To help every human get more from each moment in life,” that’s the thought behind NOWATCH. In part 1, we have Timothee Manschot and Hylke Muntinga, Co-Founders of NOWATCH, the first wearable that helps you actively predict and manage stress by giving you insight into your cortisol levels.

It all started four years ago when Hylke felt the pressure and stress of the rat race we call the corporate world. He then received the bad news that he had a genetic disease that would cause him to go blind. The doctors aren’t sure when, but his sight will give way to blindness basically at any moment.

During this time, Hlyke and Timothee had long talks about living in the present. They wondered if they could help people see time in a new way. NOWATCH is a wearable technology built to help you develop new relationships with technology and yourself.

Their brand makes products that predict stress and anxiety. NOWATCH products are a combination of state-of-the-art technology with ancient gemstones.

In part 1, they discuss:

* Gratefulness
* Hylke’s story
* Overview of the company
* Society and mental health
* NOWATCH products

Join Ramon Vela, Timothee Manschot, and Hylke Muntinga as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Nowatch, visit: https://nowatch.com/ 

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