“Maybe not a revolution by itself, but a revelation to the industry,” as said by Matias Muchnick, the CEO and Founder of NotCo, a food tech company that makes food formulation faster, better, and more accurate than anyone else in the space using AI.

Matias majored in finance and worked in the finance industry before NotCo. Since childhood, he was surrounded by a finance-driven environment and family. Later, he realized his passion for food and wanted to fix the confusion around the industry.

He learned that problems were technology as well as the mindset of the industry that needed to change. So he started NotCo that makes plant-based versions of traditionally animal-based products.

We discussed: The support he got from his mentor; A brief overview of the brand; His background and last company; The reaction of his parents; His thoughts and idea of converging technology with food; Why he moved out of Silicon Valley; Where he decided to use this technology; and so much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Matias Muchnick as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Notco, visit: https://notco.com/us/

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