“You have to love yourself first,” says Norma about self-love. In part 2, Norma Kamali, owner of apparel, skincare, and design lines and author of ‘I am Invincible,’ says, “One needs to take care of yourself by having a healthy lifestyle and respecting yourself.”

To her, vulnerability is a secret which one needs to let out and set insecurities free. She also discusses questioning herself why she couldn’t save her brother and dealing with vulnerability. And about love, she says it’s not about age, it’s when you are ready, you’ll find your soulmate, which she did in her 60s.

Sleep, meditation, making your bed, eating better, and exercising relieve stress and restore us. She doesn’t want to age gracefully but instead with power. Norma mentions there are things people are good at. However, learning things you feel less powerful about is another kind of power that entrepreneurs need.

She talked about:

* Her brother’s story and vulnerability
* Opening up to people
* Tips on self-love
* Aging with power
* Message for entrepreneurs

Join Ramon Vela and Norma Kamali as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Norma Kamali, visit: https://normakamali.com/ 

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