Snacks that are better, healthier, and more sleep-friendly have to be something consumers want, and providing those snacks is the mission of Sean Folkson, the CEO of Nightfood, a night snack company.

It took Sean 20 years after college to start Nighttime. He used to be in Internet marketing and was an outsider in the food industry. Sean got the idea for the brand while searching for snack foods suitable for the night on Yahoo. But to get the ball rolling for the business, he needed the spotlight on healthy snacks to also cast a light on how nutrition affects sleep.

Sean says that people like to eat different things at night. So, Nightfood wants to give them a better and healthier version. He mentions that nowadays, there’s more awareness about nighttime snacking, and brands like Pepsi and Unilever are giving validation to the premise of Nightfood.

In the first half, Sean talks about:

* Gratefulness.
* How the low-carb trend eventually expanded to include other healthy nutrition strategies.
* His eating habits in college and his 20s provided a spark.
* How his idea eventually evolved into a publicly-traded company.

Join Ramon Vela and Sean Folkson as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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