Food is survival, meaning when food is taken care of, one can think about other things. In the second half, Sean Folkson, the CEO of Nightfood, advises people getting into new categories to refrain from putting “going public” into their strategy. It’s just not remotely as easy as one thinks.

In its journey, Nightfood built a team in which some people were pragmatic at first but later changed. Nightfood has a rebate program called “Try it Free” for customers too. The brand has also been endorsed as the official ice cream by American Pregnancy Association in 2020 because ice cream – particularly Nightfood’s brand – was a natural craving.

Next, they are going to be in hotels and supermarkets. They are looking forward to conquering other snack formats as well.

In part 2, Sean talks about:

* Advice for those creating new categories.
* Their formulation – what is subtracted and added from their products.
* The historical function of food.
* The unique flavors – and quirky product names – at Nightfood.
* How to find their products.
* The upcoming launches at hotel chains.

Join Ramon Vela and Sean Folkson as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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