Rebecca says, “The message is to be deliberate about your shopping. And I think for many people that can feel really overwhelming because we live in a world of fast fashion and fast consumption. My advice is to bite off things that feel manageable. For example, one year I made a commitment that every gift I bought for the entire year was going to be handmade. So maybe I can’t afford to buy every single piece of clothing for my growing seven-year-old handmade or ethical, but I can make these commitments and purchase small and purchase from makers in ways that are meaningful.”

Today, we interview Rebecca Van Bergen, Executive Director & Founder of Nest. Nest supports artisan communities worldwide with business development programming designed to strengthen their operations and position them for long-term success.

In partnership with brands, philanthropists, and their network of over 2,000 artisan businesses, their proven approach locks the potential of craft-based employment to advance gender and economic equity.

We discuss:

* What she’s grateful for
* Overview and origin of Nest
* Is artisanship dying? And why crafts are in danger
* Crafts, the creator economy, and women
* Advice for social entrepreneurs
* Case studies of artisans and the results of the program
* Where to shop to support artisans including the Nest Label
* Why it’s free to join the Guild
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Rebecca Van Bergen as we break down the inside story of Nest on The Story of a Brand.

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