In the first part of this Feature, Richard Bao, Founder at NEOCLASSICS, shares the story of his Los Angeles-based brand that features original message-driven artworks and with a goal of cultivating conscious minds. He shares how he was financially successful yet emotionally and soulfully miserable at his finance job. So in the midst of the worst financial recession in current times, he left his job to start a brand for people who want to live a conscious lifestyle and mentality. Here’s his story.
In part one, Richard discusses: Who is NEOCLASSICS; Why the brand is a manifestation of his beliefs; Richard’s origin story; Why we’re seeing the rise of the “conscious consumer”; Why creatives have such a hard time in business; Brand building advice for Creatives & Artist; How to stay emotionally balanced – “Never too high, Never too Low”; And so much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Richard in Part 1 of this episode and listen to him share the inside story of a brand.

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