“We want to continue to work hard to be that household name for all ice cream lovers,” says Daniel Nicholson, CEO and honorary Founder of NadaMoo. In the second part of this Feature, he says that the brand is committed to an organic supply chain and high-quality ingredients, which are crucial to unlocking taste. Further, he adds that they are aligning themselves with farmers and farming practices.

They want to promote the mindful eating movement and stop consumers’ disconnectivity with where their food comes from by educating them.

Daniel says that NadaMoo wants to increase market presence, maximize distribution, accelerate product sales, work on food services, innovate, move to new categories outside frozen desserts and ultimately add value to customers’ lives.

He speaks on:

* Their focus on ingredients
* Promoting more than products
* NadaMoo website and store locator
* Filling flavor gaps
* Their plans for the future
* Their “No sugar” line

Join Ramon Vela and Daniel Nicholson as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on NadaMoo, visit: https://nadamoo.com/

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