In the first part of this Feature, we sit down with Grace Duong, Founder of Mystic Mondays. The pandemic’s trauma has unmasked the frailty of life and has many people asking themselves if where they are in life or what they do, is where they should be.

Grace’s focus is on self-reflection. Grace highlights the positive advantages of looking inwards with Mystic Mondays.

As she mentions in today’s episode, “the purpose of the Mystic Monday’s app is to really turn inwards and use technology in a way where you can reflect and access your inner world.”

Mystic Mondays produce tarot cards for the modern mystic. Each card is designed with vibrant colors to encourage you to take a moment and reflect.

In part 2, we learn about The 100 Foot overview of Mystic Mondays; Grace’s spiritual journey and awareness; Using a Kickstarter for funding; Normalizing internal reflection during a pandemic; Detoxing through tarot, and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Grace as they breakdown the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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