Why should salad dressing always be served on the side, ponders Kristi Knowles, CEO of Mother Raw. If it’s super pure, clean, and organic, you should pour it on freely.

Mother Raw’s products are versatile and don’t fit into a single category. A dip can be a spread or a dressing and the other way around.

Kristi says there’s a supportive network among entrepreneurs in the natural food and beauty space – rather than a competition – because the common goal is making a positive impact.

In Part 2, Kristi talks about:

* How condiments can be a great way to transition to a plant-based diet.
* Entrepreneurs can avoid mistakes if they’re part of a network of like-minded supporters rather than competitors.
* Her company’s priority in the COVID pandemic was delivering 100 percent service levels.
* The importance of controlling manufacturing from start to finish.
* The freedom of beginning the company without needing millions of dollars from investors.
* The value of getting the right certifications for the products.
* Take the product seriously so the consumer can have fun.
* Ask yourself, “what unique thing can I do today to make an impact.”

Join Ramon Vela and Kristi Knowles as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Mother Raw, visit: https://motherraw.com/ 

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