Emily says, “MINNIDIPP is the very first designer inflatable pool. So that means that it was the first to market modern, on trend, adult friendly pools that feature patterns that are really fun and festive and not the sad blue pool covered in cartoons for little ones. So, really taking a design approach to reinvent the classic inflatable pool.”

Today, we interview Emily Vaca, Founder & CEO of MINNIDIP. MINNIDIP is the original, first ever modern inflatable pool.

We discuss:

* Her gratefulness for her husband and his support
* Overview and origin of MINNIDIP
* Why no one was doing pools like MINNIDIP
* How they became a top selling product at Target
* Why their goal is to make it affordable
* Entrepreneurial lessons such as being ready to pivot, how to assess what you need now, control what you can and accept that some things are going to be really hard
* How she overcame the struggles with business operations
* Why she views every season of design as a “fashion collection”
* What’s coming up next
* Where to buy?

Join Ramon Vela and Emily Vaca, as we break down the inside story of MINNIDIP on The Story of a Brand.

For more on MINNIDIP, visit: https://www.minnidip.com/

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