“It has been very much about a learning curve and creating safety nets for my mental health,” says Nadine while describing her entrepreneurial journey.

In the second part, Nadine Fonseca, Co-founder, and CEO of Mighty Kind, mention the various sections of each Issue. For example, they have sections on kindness and section for parents, teachers, caretakers, etc.

Their issues are also an opportunity for teenagers to learn about anti-bias. They are working on a subscription box model along with collaborating and producing an anti-bias school curriculum. She advises parents that they need to be open to learning as well.

In part 2, she talks about:

* The various section of each Issue
* Future Plans
* The negativity toward anti-bias and social justice education
* The challenges within the journey
* What parents can do
* How to listen to other voices with empathy

Join Ramon Vela and Nadine Fonseca as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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