“We are striving to bring humanity back into the conversation at a younger age,” says Nadine Fonseca, Co-founder, and CEO of Mighty Kind, an anti-bias education company.

The brand aims to bring a better understanding of anti-bias learning to kids of elementary ages. Nadine grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area with a lot of diversity. She wanted her children to experience the same. This feeling towards her kids pushed Nadine to get started with the brand.

She says surrounding herself with people who understand and love the mission is essential.

In part 1, she talks about:

* How she’s grateful for her daughter
* Overview of the brand
* Why Bias is a naturally occurring thing that may never go away
* Dealing with Imposter syndrome
* Her life before Mighty Kind
* What pushed her to get started
* The Challenges
* The different types of content they produce

Join Ramon Vela and Nadine Fonseca as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand

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For more on Mighty Kind, visit: https://mightykindkids.com/

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