“It’s sad that we don’t have support networks in place for women in midlife,” says Vanessa Ford, Co-Founder of MenoLabs. In the second half of this Feature, she talks about the challenges, stressfulness, and frustration they faced while formulating their products as well as operating during Covid.

Vanessa also talks about their customers and mission. For instance, Menolabs has a 3% return rate and 97% happy consumers. While these numbers are significant from a business perspective, what drives her and the team is their mission.

She gives us a review of two of their prominent probiotic products. She also laments the limited knowledge about menopause that’s provided to doctors during medical school.

In part 2, Vanessa talks about:

* The Brand’s challenges
* Success by the Numbers
* The negative impact of menopause
* Description of their product line
* What’s the age to try MenoLabs products
* How doctor’s view menopause
* Her message for women
* Moving to retail centers

Join Ramon Vela and MenoLabs as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on MenoLabs, visit: https://menolabs.com/


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