Shae says, “I’m a big believer in product being the priority. I think brand is really important but people respond to product. So we started by developing products and creating something that was unique.”

Shae also says of his partner Drew Barrymore, “her unique point of view as she called it was creating the Apple for women in the kitchen —- simplistic design and unique use of materials and colors. She really pushed us to step outside of the norm.”

Today we interview Shae Hong, Founder & CEO of Made By Gather. Made By Gather makes small kitchen appliances and kitchenware for the modern consumer aspiring to make their kitchen a more special place.

We discuss:

* His gratefulness as a 22-year-old startup founder
* Origin and overview of the brand
* A review of their brands Bella, Beautiful, Cruxx and the significance of each brand
* How they brought a unique design esthetic to Kitchenware
* Why strategic plan is so crucial to scaling a business, including a breakdown of the process
* Why product is the priority above the brand
* Their partnership with Drew Barrymore and creating the “Apple for Women in the Kitchen”
* Their concept of Humans and the Helm and what it means to the consumer
* How you evolve from Founder to CEO (lessons learned)
* Why you should continually invest in the team and why you should build a team for where you want to go
* Why kitchenware should be like having art in your home
* Where to buy, partnerships, and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Shae Hong, as we break down the inside story of Made By Gather on The Story of a Brand.

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