It all started with Lure, Co-Founder Monica Reese’s experience with a parent suffering from PTSD. “I grew up in quite a chaotic situation…I was always nervous and very anxious,” says Monica. That’s when she turned to CBD, “It really did change my life. I felt more patient. I was more present for my children because I could take it, and the nerves were gone, but I was still very present.”

In today’s feature, we talk to Monica Reese, Summer Rice, and Kara Kelly, Co-founders of Lure. This brand produces premium domestically and organically grown hemp-based products designed for women and which men can enjoy too.

With each having a unique story of how CBD impacted their lives, they realized they could help other women too. Whether as moms or caregivers for aging parents, executives, or entrepreneurs, “it’s hard to take time out for yourself,” and Lure was created to bring just a little calm to a chaotic life while still being present.

In this feature, we discuss:

* Their gratefulness for each other, investors, and their community of women
* Why they chose the business
* Their “non-negotiables” in the business and products ingredients
* The social justice aspect of the brand
* Advice for entrepreneurs
* How the products work
* Breakdown of the product line
* How they choose which products to produce
* Plans, including upcoming products
* Why they chose the name “Lure”

Join Ramon Vela and Monica Reese as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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