According to stats, near 67% of women in American are a size 14 or higher.  However, even with this percentage of the population, this consumer is more or less “forgotten”. The truth is that for many retailers “plus-size” isn’t a sexy category to carry so they either don’t carry or promote it.  For Stacey Goldstein, CEO & Founder of Lola Getts, this is both an opportunity and a grave disservice to correct.

This is why Stacey and the passionate crusaders (staff) at Lola Getts are on a mission to give this forgotten consumer a voice. Lola Getts is a Premium Activewear or Athleisure Brand exclusively for Women who wear size 14 or larger. Their mission is to make “Her” feel comfortable and confident when she walks into a gym or spin class, or yoga class. In this way, they see themselves as confidence builders & game changers. The other side of the mission is to disrupt the “fitness” space and bring this consumer to the forefront.  In today’s climate of body positivity, the Lola Getts brand may just be in the Right place at the Right time.

Listen to Part 1 of this episode and hear Stacey Goldstein, CEO & Founder of Lola Getts share the inside story of the building a brand.

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