In the second part of this Feature, the conversation continues with Emily Griffith, Founders & CEO Lil Bucks.  She talks about some of the early troubles with her business and how she now views them as learning points. Her vision and passion for buckwheat snacks have always been her driving motivators – she isn’t in it for the money, just the love of the snack.

Emily realized that her business started running smoother when she allowed other people to contribute and help her.

Whenever times get tough for her, she just thinks back to her first time experiencing buckwheat in Australia, and she gets back in the right mindset. She urges entrepreneurs to find their own experience like this one that grounds them and gives their business a reason.

In part 2, Emily talks about how perfectionism can stop people from starting their own business, the early pitfalls of her business, and how her passion is her driving force.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Emily and listen to her share the inside story.

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