In part 2 of this Feature, we sit back down with Josh Clemente, the Founder and President of Levels, to discuss the importance of understanding our health.

Becoming healthier is a broad subject with millions of different routes to take. Some routes may work, and others may not. As Josh mentioned in the previous episode, this ties into a “closed-loop system.”

In a closed-loop system, we could try hundreds of combinations between turning vegetarian and working out 3 times a week or turning to a juice cleanse and working out once a week; maybe they work, maybe they won’t. The key is that it’s the lack of feedback that will always keep us guessing if what we’re doing is working for our own bodies, which is why Josh created Levels.

Levels could help provide you the feedback to understand your health truly.

In part 2, Josh discusses His inspiration for creating Levels; Working with health data; Combining the medical world with a DTC brand; Coping with the stress from the development stage to the first customer; The positive impact of Levels; Finding empowerment through understanding your physical health; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Josh as they discuss Levels on The Story of a Brand.

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