For today’s episode of The Story of a Brand, we’re sitting down with Josh Clemente, Founder, and President of Levels.

When it comes to getting healthy, people’s first thoughts usually turn to exercise and eating better. Although as Josh noticed, it’s hard to exercise and eat better when each one of our bodies is entirely different. Different people do better with different diets, and exercise routines vary between every person.

In response to this, Josh and his team utilized existing medical technology to create Levels, a metabolic fitness program. With each meal or exercise, Levels gives you feedback on how it affects your body. With consistent live feedback, any customer could tweak their routine until it’s perfect for them. Tune in as we talk about the value of Levels.

In part 2, Josh discusses Josh’s support system; The hundred-foot overview of Levels; The technology behind Levels; Adjusting your diet and routine to your personal needs; Learning about the “closed-loop feedback system”; Where Josh got his start in medical tech; and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Josh as they discuss Levels on The Story of a Brand.

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