The pandemic might have been catastrophic to many businesses and brands, but Le Mini Macaron, an at-home gel nail brand, saw its business explode. Christina Kao, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Le Mini Macaron, says the stay-at-home era was an unexpected benefit.

“People who used to go to the salon, and salons were closed,” she says. “People were doing Zoom calls. They wanted their nails to look good from the waist up…We were very fortunate that we had a boom in the business.”

Christina says that the brand began selling nail products and accessories and evolved through distributors, retailers, and sales channels. Though she didn’t have any prior experience in the beauty space, her partner did. Together, they worked through early mistakes, including pricing. Through consumer feedback, Le Mini Macaron could tweak its approach, grow distribution channels and expand.

Another unusual aspect of the brand’s start was that her co-founder was also her boyfriend. Although this has since changed, the pair still work together today.

“We deeply trust each other,” Christina says. “We’ve had a pretty good outcome. I think we very much respect each other. We are aligned in terms of how we want to grow the business. We consider each other family because we’ve just known each other for so long.”

She offers these words of advice for other couples considering starting a business together.

“You need to think about this carefully because it is going to be a tough ride,” she says. “There will be power struggles. There will be communication challenges.”

In Part 1, Christina talks about:

* Gratitude to her partners, friends and family members for their support.
* An overview of the brand.
* How the pandemic impacted the brand.
* The brand’s evolution over the years.
* Early mistakes.
* Her relationship with the brand’s co-founder.
* Advice for couples considering starting a business together.
* The attraction of great nails.

Join Ramon Vela and Christina Kao as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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