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When Bret Rasmussen, Founder of KURU Footwear was a kid, he wanted to be a shoe designer (he has the sketches to prove it). But somewhere along the way, like many of us, he became convinced that he had to grow up and that meant doing something practical that earns money versus following his dream. So he got a degree in Finance and started working for startups. Then he got laid off. This proved to be a catalyst for him. He asked himself, why not follow my dreams. Why not be a shoe designer?  Why not be passionate about what you do. Why not create! And so he did and the rest, as they say, is history.
In part 1 of this feature, Bret discusses His entrepreneurial journey, Building a footwear brand for people with foot pain and for those who want to avoid it,  How what you wear could affect your performance, Why for him being an entrepreneur means being authentic, Why being an entrepreneur allows you to be childlike with Wonder, How he went from zero experience in making shoes to having a patent, How to network, What happened when he entered a biz plan competition, Why KURU tech works, Why he had to work side hustles even after raising funds, and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Bret in Part 1 of this episode and gets the inside story f this killer brand.
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