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It was 2009 and Bret Rasmussen, Founder of KURU Footwear thought his brand was dead in the water. Their retail strategy was failing. They had no cash, unsold inventory, no way to sell it. They had $400,000 in payables and no way to pay. Worse, they had only $2,300 in the bank. It’s what I refer to as the “standing at the gates of hell” scenario. But 10 months later, they were nearly debt-free and bringing in roughly $39,000 in revenue.  In this episode, you’ll hear the inside story of this amazing shoe brand.
In part 2, Bret discusses How they were at the doorsteps of failure and survived, Why you must believe in the future that you’re creating, How most entrepreneurs pivot 2-3 times in the life of the business, Why you should start a brand that helps, Why being of service and being a DTC brand saved his company, Why you should talk to your customers daily, What is the best way to build a MOAT around your brand, Finding product-market fit, What’s Ramen Profitability, Why you must iterate, improve, tweak, and repeat and Other entrepreneurial advice, and so much more.
Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Bret in Part 2 of this episode and gets the inside story of this killer brand.
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