Entrepreneurs can’t be afraid to ask for advice and lean on others, says Lisa Odenweller, CEO of Kroma Wellness, a brand that creates and ships clean-eating foods and wellness products.

“I do ask for help, and I get involved, and I have mentors and advisors, and some people are for business things, some things are on personal things,” Lisa says. “I have a walk that I do with one of my advisors, and we don’t talk about how to scale the company. We talk about how do I be a leader, a powerful leader, or what are the other challenges that I face?”

As for advice for other entrepreneurs struggling in a crisis or rebuilding from ground zero, Lisa says there’s not one specific answer or strategy to get back on your feet.

“I think you have to continue to know where your North Star is,” she says. “You have to know what it is that is going to light you up.”

Put another way: You don’t always know the final result, but you need to know the direction.

“I love it when people ask me, where is your business in five years?” Lisa says. “I don’t even like the question. I understand what we’re building, but there’s so much happening in an accelerated time frame that I can tell you where I think we might be. But I mean, it’s that’s a long time.”

Lisa says she was catapulted into the world of superfoods about 15 years ago after reading about them in “Oprah” magazine.

“I remember the articles vividly because I read them, and I was like, what are these, and how do I learn about them? And it was before they were a thing,” she says. “So I just started to like order all of them and try to figure out and learn about them. And I simultaneously was going to nutrition school, so it was already sort of in me that I wanted to learn more about food as medicine. But then, of course, these superfoods took it to the next level, and I started to heal myself and some of my hormonal challenges through these superfoods.”

Kroma Wellness launched with 19 products, Lisa says, which wasn’t an easy thing to do. For those just getting started, Kroma has a 5-day reset and a 1-day reset.

In Part 2, Lisa talks about:

* The need to ask for help and mentor others.
* Advice for those rebuilding from a crisis or ground zero.
* The difference between knowing the final result and knowing the right direction. And eventually, you need a plan.
* How she discovered and embraced superfoods.
* A rundown of the various products and programs.

Join Ramon Vela and Lisa Odenweller as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Kroma Wellness, visit: https://kromawellness.com/ 

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