“Health and beauty from the inside and out” that’s what Kosterina is all about, says Katina Mountanos, Founder and CEO of Kosterina.

Here are some things Katina shares in part 2 of this feature: consuming dark chocolate and olive oil together can amplify antioxidant properties. Sauces and olive oil are great for those looking to incorporate more vegetables. Kosterina plans to continue building its four main categories: olive oil and vinegar, dark chocolate, freshly baked goods, and skincare.

Katina says that extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest oil. The brand sees vegetable and canola oil as its enemy because it’s highly processed, causes inflammation, and can bring harm to the body.

She discusses:

* Olive oil flavors
* Dark chocolate balsamic vinegar
* Their product lines
* Enhancing plant-based diet
* What’s coming next
* New product category
* Marketing standpoint
* Problems with vegetable oil
* Global supply chain

Join Ramon Vela and Katina Mountanos as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Kosterina, visit: https://www.kosterina.com/ 

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