“We are creating natural products and doing everything in-house,” tells Lena Korres, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Korres. This Greek brand makes natural beauty products based on homeopathy and biological research.

Even as a young girl, Lena had both a creative as well as an engineer’s mind. Later, after meeting her Co-Founder Giorgos Korres in a homeopathic pharmacy, they decided to start a wholesale business to share their knowledge and the treasures of Greece with the world.

Greece happens to be the richest and most biodiverse landscape in all of Europe, and it is home to 6,000+ plant species – 1,600 of which only grow there. Lena says homeopathic products are entirely natural and safe because it does not treat symptoms. Instead, it treats the root cause.

In part 1 discusses:

* Gratefulness for her family
* Overview of the brand
* Her early career
* Is homeopathic natural?
* Trends converging to make Korres successful
* Marketing versus efficacious recipes
* Why efficacy of the final formula is critical to Korres
* How consumers should test a product

Join Ramon Vela and Lena Korres as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Korres, visit: https://www.korres.com/

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